Holidays – Vintage Christmas Postcards

A while back I mentioned a stack of vintage Christmas postcards I found while cleaning out at my grandmother’s house.  With Christmas approaching I’m trying to think of a way to include some of them in our decorations. 

So…my question is:  How would you suggest using these fun vintage postcards?



2 thoughts on “Holidays – Vintage Christmas Postcards

  1. Could you make a banner with them… similar to your Thanksgiving one with the cereal boxes? Of course it would mean you would have to punch holes in them to hang them. I loved your recycling cereal box ideas!

    • Thanks! I think you might be onto something with that idea. I bet I could actually mount them on cardstock or even construction paper using photo corners leftover from another project to avoid punching holes in them but still get a similar effect. Hum….Thanks for getting the wheels turning! 🙂 I’ve also thought about scanning them into photoshop to edit and use them to make gift tags,etc.

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