Inspiration: Large Candy Decorations

I mentioned in my first post about the Large Candy decorations that was inspired by decorations I saw outside my local Pike Nursery last year.  It took me forever but I finally found those photos….see aren’t these huge candies fun?


You can  see that they used large white saucers to make 24 inch pieces of candy to decorate the front of their store…who says businesses can’t be creative & crafty!  I’ll have the second large candy post up later tonight or first thing tomorrow and photos of how we used some of them.

How has a local businesses decorations inspired your own holiday creativity?

3 thoughts on “Inspiration: Large Candy Decorations

  1. where did you get the large white saucers? I’ll be making some for a Spring project! They are just what I need ! Thank you!

    • Hi JoAnn,
      The ones in this photo are from Pike Nurseries (which I think is a Georgia chain). I would imagine you could find something similar at any nursery or garden center. They are similar to these from Amazon (* I’ve also purchased clear plant saucers from IKEA and spray painted them white before.

      *full disclosure: the Amazon link above is an affiliate link, if you purchased from it I would make a few cents 🙂

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