DIY: Easter Napkin Wraps – Part I

I realized this week that Easter is just around the corner.  It seems that this year is just speeding by and I’m left wondering where did the first quarter of 2010 go?  Sadly, the job that pays the bills has been demanding most of my nightly internet time and I missed St. Patrick’s Day completely…but I am determined to whip together a few last-minute Easter decorations this week.  Starting with napkin wraps!

This post is about more casual napkin wraps, with bunnies.  Up next will be a post with Easter baskets & banners.  Later this week I’ll post a few more religious themed wraps I put together for a friend to use at a church event.  It going to be a Napkin Wrap fest this week in the Smurfy household 🙂

Let’s kick this off with the cutest little brown bunny.  He’s so cute I want to hug him 😉

Download template: Brown Bunny Napkin Wrap Template

And a more vintage looking bunny:

Download: Vintage Bunny Wrap Template

A finally, a parade of bunnies!

Download: Bunny Parade Wrap Template

All templates use the Monterey BT font which is free to download from Sofontes (see link on templates page).  New to Napkin Wraps?  No worries, visit this post for step-by-step instructions on how to use my napkin wrap templates!

7 thoughts on “DIY: Easter Napkin Wraps – Part I

  1. I am using 2003. I can open the wedding ones but I think it is because this template is a .docx and the other template is just plain .doc Thank you so much for being accommodating. It is nice that you share these in the first place and then to go above and beyond is more than generous! Thank you!

  2. Am I the only one able to get the template? Is there a paticualr program I should be using? Word translates it into alien, which is not the look we are going for 😉 These are so cute! I would just love to use them!

    • I wonder if it’s a version problem…what version of word are you using? They were created in 2007 (with backwards compatability) but I wonder if that’s the issue you are running into?

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