DIY: Easter Napkin Wraps – Part II

Today we have Easter baskets & banners, as well as a new idea for how to use the napkin wraps.  Lets start out with a cute Easter basket wrap:

To download: Easter Basket Napkin Template

Next up, a cute Easter banner template that can be used as either a standard napkin wrap, OR just cut and lay it across your place-settings as a quick & simple name card.  These would also but cute if cut on the ends to duplicate the banner shape (I just thought of that as I was posting the photos).

Download: Easter Banner Napkin template

All templates use Monterey BT font which is free to download from a link on the templates page.  New to Napkin Wraps?  No worries, visit this post for step-by-step instructions on how to use my napkin wrap templates!


In other news, we started the great craft room/office/spare bedroom relocation process.  It will be amazing to have a much brighter, larger space to use for my crafty fun and office but I dread the process since it involves painting and new flooring.  Any suggestions on how to organize all my craft supplies once I’m able to unpack them?

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