ReUse – Powdered Drink Container Candle

I have a friend with a growing 5-year-old…one who decided she wanted some big girl candles for her room.  Obviously candles aren’t the best solution for a 5 year old, and battery operated candles are quite pricey for something that might lose its appeal quite quickly.  So I had an idea:  use some leftover battery operated tea lights to whip her up some cheaper “big girl” candles :)


  • Plastic Powdered Drink tubes (ex. Crystal Light)
  • Battery Operated Tea Light (1 per plastic tube)
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Double-Sided tape or Xyron Machine
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter


  1. Start out by cleaning the plastic container and removing all labels.  Dry throughly afterwards.
  2. Measure the height of your plastic container.
  3. Using your scissors or paper-cutter cut a piece of scrapbook paper to the correct height.
  4. Wrap paper around your container and make a small mark where the edges meet (adding .25 inch to allow for a better seal/overlap).
  5. Using your scissors or paper-cutter cut the piece of scrapbook paper to the correct width.  Use this piece as a template to cut other pieces for more containers.
  6. If using an Xyron machine run your pieces of cut scrapbook paper through the machine.
  7. Carefully remove the backing from the paper and carefully wrap it around the plastic container, taking care to smooth out to prevent any air bubbles. (If using double-sided tape run a piece down the height of the container and attach one end of the paper.  Then attach another piece of double-sided tape to the inside of the finishing edge and carefully smooth around so that the paper is smooth and the edges are sealed).
  8. Drop in 1 or 2 battery operated votives and display your “big girl candles”. :)

Cost Breakdown:

  • Plastic Powdered Beverage Containers – Free from recycle bin
  • Scrapbook Paper – Free (or $1 from Target Dollar section)
  • Battery Operated Tea Lights – Free, leftover from wedding (or $1 for 2 at Dollar Tree)

Total:  FREE (or $1.50)

Bonus:  These are so easy to make they would make a fun crafty project for the kiddos as well!

  1. How clever are you! What a cute idea. I LOVE this idea and I am totally going to case you for my nieces 1st birthday invites we are doing a lady bug theme. LOVE it.Thanks for playing this week at inkspiration.Teneale :)

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  20. Loved this! I was googling today for a crafty idea & came across this – I linked back to you I hope you don’t mind ;)

  21. Absolute genius! I have a good friend who’s been wanting some of those flameless candles, but they can get pretty pricey. She’d be thrilled if I made a few of these for her! :)

  22. GENIUS! I LOVE it! Now I’m going to be saving all of those sugar free kool-aid containers!

    • they also make awesome pencil/pen containers. I have one for my Sharpies, colored pencils, and calligraphy pens so I know where they are when I’m ready to use them. Just do the same thing and label them.

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