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The Perks of Being Busy

Hello there little blog…it’s been way too long since I last visited you! Sadly the web gremlins (the mean kind, not the fuzzy little gizmo kind) took you away for several months but thankfully our favorite web designer, Joy, was able to bring you back after my pitiful attempts failed.

I have several posts partially finished in the draft folder from before the gremlin attack that I need to sort through since I’m pretty sure it’s too late/too early for Christmas decoration posts.¬† Hopefully I’ll be back to pseudo-regular updates soon.

In the meantime I leave you with this….
Cupcake Wrap Photography
…the single best thing to come from new product photography. Edible props….and no I don’t mean the plate! ūüôā

Life: Something blue…

Hello there!¬† It has been way to long that I’ve been away so I decided to give myself a bit of a red, white, and blue theme to get myself back in the habit of posting.¬† I have new craft posts coming up soon, but first I thought it only fitting to show you a few photos from one of the many trips that have kept me away from my blog.

So, Blog friends…meet “Blue”

Blue is a wild peacock that seems to migrate through my parent’s area of Alabama, staying for a few months at a time.¬† He has been showing up for the past 2 or 3 years, and bounces between their property and a neighbors.¬† From what I hear he is quite the attaction when he decides to perch on a fence post near the road.¬† Blue is also quite the tease, we keep trying to take a photo of him with his full tail feathers displayed but he refuses to show them off when we have a camera around.¬† Perhaps he is just modest?¬† I don’t think any of my photos adequately capture the intense shade of blue and green in his feathers.

When chatting about this odd bird in my parent’s yard, a friend asked if peacocks could fly and if they even had wings.¬† I think this photo answers the latter of those questions, although sadly I snapped it as he was tucking them in so it doesn’t show the full span.¬† Dude has a huge wing span, and he does indeed fly for short distances.¬† His “nest” is in a tree near the neighbor’s house and they have seen him perched on their roof before.

Another random piece of trivia for you: Peacocks have a really interesting “screech”.¬† And by screech I mean something that sounds akin to a female screaming.¬† Oh, and by interesting, I mean definitely not my alarm clock of choice.

See that look of indignation… I’m pretty sure Blue is insulted that his screeching first thing in the morning¬† might not be my favorite sound to awake to .¬† Oh well… is still pretty funny to see the guy on the parent’s porch and hear the stories of people slamming on their breaks to do a double-take of him perched on a fence post.

Life: Childhood Memories

Tonight while cleaning out several boxes I hauled home from a recent trip to my parent’s house,¬† I found this little guy.

I plan to take him to work with me on Monday so that when I get a bit stressed out I can have him run across my desk and munch down on those stress aliens.¬† ūüôā

Anyone else get the cleaning bug this weekend?  And if so, what did you discover you had previously forgotten you had?

Ramblings: Office Relocation Progress

Well hello there….yes, I know it’s been quite a while.¬† Things are quite out of sorts these days in my little crafty corner of our house.¬† Several months ago hubby and I discussed the option of moving my home office/crafty area into the room that was currently our spare bedroom.¬† This is exciting because it means more natural light, so fewer headaches on the days I do my real job in there, AND more space!!

The kicker is our house came with a huge corner desk built-in the room I had previously been using, and several white shelves attached to the walls (the old owners loved their knickknacks).¬† So it wasn’t a quick change.¬† As of right now we have completed the process of removing everything from the old room and moving EVERYTHING from both rooms into the new one.¬† It’s crazy, and stressful because I can’t find anything! ūüôā

However, I love my new desk hubby gave me for Christmas that I can finally use…and I’m still excited about the new rooms!¬† Want to see a bit of my mess (after a day of trying to organize)?¬† No laughing at my iphone photos…I’m afraid if I bring the nice camera in here, I’ll lose it in a pile of “stuff”!

See, it’s not that bad right?

Um, as long as I don’t turn around from the desk I don’t have to see this.
Or This…

I’m not sure why my ski boots were in the spare bedroom…and that big white bag on the bed?¬† Yep, that’s my wedding dress!¬† I really need to get that professionally cleaned and either sell it or package it up.¬† See that black shelf? Ikea… circa 1996…and basement bound once this is over!¬†¬† I won’t even try to show you the wall in-front of the closet, because it’s piled high with boxes that spill into the closet so that I can’t even get into in the event I needed something out of it.¬† Sigh…..

Any great ideas out there on how to ignore the huge mess behind you so you can continue to work without it driving you crazy? ūüėČ

Happy 2010 & a Big Thank You!

I hope you had a wonderful 2009 and are gearing up for an even better 2010!¬† I know we are super excited to see what 2010 brings to our household (and no, that in no way implies a baby smurf) ūüôā

Also I just realized that my little crafty home on the internet is nearing its 10,000th visitor which may seem small to some of you super bloggers out there, but to part-time me it’s a big surprise.¬† So, I wanted to take a quick moment to THANK YOU for dropping by!!¬† You’ve made this little part-time crafty gal wear a full-time smile today ūüôā

In other exciting news we received our photo disk yesterday from our wedding…which means I finally have finished product photos for many of our DIY wedding projects!¬† I’ll be working on putting those posts together in the upcoming few weeks, and finishing up several other projects that are awaiting finishing touches and photos.

Thank you and Happy 2010So, Thank You for visiting my little internet home and Happy 2010!!

Ramblings ‚Äď It’s started‚Ķ


(photo credit: Climie+Co)

Yesterday I clicked unsubscribe.

To several wedding blogs I’d been following…and it felt kinda nice.¬† It’s been 4 months since the wedding and while I promise I’ll finish up the posts on all of our wedding DIY projects, I have to admit it feels nice to start stepping away from the mass amounts of wedding planning p0rn out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved our wedding.¬† Looking back there really isn’t anything big I’d change (other than a few guest list additions since we had the space), but sometimes when looking through all this wedding ideas/photos I “wish” we’d included this or that and it makes me sad.¬† Which is dumb if you reread the sentence above….I loved our wedding.¬† It was perfectly “us”.¬† It was small, simple, clean lines, natural beauty and we felt loved all day.¬† So really…it was perfect and how do you improve on that?

So…I’m slowly clearing out the majority of the bridal blogs in my reader and plan to replace them with non-baby related newlywed blogs.¬† And crafty blogs of course.¬† I think I’ll even try to redo the look of this blog a bit, I think it’s time for Brainy & Smurfette to change out of their wedding finery and find some hiking clothes!¬† ūüôā

So, talk to me….what newlywed & crafty blogs can I not live without?

Registry Review: All-Clad Nonstick Fry Pan

If I’m totally honest here the hubs¬†received the 14 inch All-Clad Nonstick Fry Pan¬†for¬†Christmas a year before our wedding.¬† At first I was a sceptic, after all I had a really nice¬†brand name¬†nonstick skillet that worked quite well, so why would I want to use this over-priced piece of equipment.¬† I was afraid I’d “hurt” it in some way and he’d be upset.¬† Plus, it was heavier than mine, and bigger, and took up the space of two stove eyes on our¬†oddly spaced¬†stove top.¬†

All-Clad Nonstick fry pan

 (Source: Williams-Sonoma)

Then a friend handed me a recipe for¬†picadillo that would be a bit much for my trusty skillet, so I timidly took out the “big pan” as I call it.¬† And guess what?¬† It rocked!!¬† No oil or¬†no cooking spray necessary…because nothing sticks!¬† The other really “cool” feature is that the stainless handle doesn’t heat up.¬† So I can grab the handle after finishing sauteing onions and dump them straight into a mixing bowl for the next stage of prep.¬† Now I just have to remember that our pots aren’t the same way or I’ll end up with a burned hand!

What about cleanup you ask?¬† Well, that too was a breeze (even though it isn’t dishwasher friendly) because nothing sticks it easily washes clean.¬† I have NEVER needed to use any sort of “elbow grease” to get anything out of it.¬† Needless to say I was sold, enough that I¬†gave¬†my parents¬†my 2 brand name skillets (they were still using some enamel-ware from the 70’s) and embraced the All-Clad Nonstick Fry Pan in all it’s “big pan” goodness.¬† I embraced it so much that we registered for an 8 inch “little pan” that we love for smaller jobs (plus it fits on our weird stove eyes a little better).

Total Score:  5 Mushrooms

**Note** I do not work for nor do I receive any support or benefit from my recommendation of any products or corporations.  These are purely my options based on my experiences with these products and corporations.

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