Decor Inspiration – Office "to-do"

I’ve been looking for something that involves cork boards to use in office for ages.  I wanted a way to post pieces of ongoing projects in an organized, yet attrative fashion (important since I sometimes hold customer meetings in my office as well).  I had decided on two large cork boards that I would make out of two large frames, with the corkboards covered in fabric…but that still didn’t solve the part about how to break down the different projects.

Then yesterday the Pottery Barn Kids catalog arrived.  I always think it’s funny that we get both these and the Babies version when we are so, so far away from even thinking about the little creatures…but sometimes I glance through them for birthday present ideas for my little cousins.  And there it was…I think I might have to change it up just a bit since I don’t want days of the week…but now I think I have an idea up my sleeve!  Now to find two large frames similar to these from Ballard Designs on the cheap!


(Source: Ballard Designs)


(Source: Pottery Barn Kids)

DIY – Fall Napkin Wraps

Several of you have emailed me asking for a more fall themed napkin wrap template to use for fall receptions and thanksgiving …so tonight I put together a couple I really like.  Honestly, I’ve been a little shocked at the interest in my little last minute wedding DIY…but I’m so glad others are finding them useful.

Pumpkin Template
I ran across this adorable pumpkin clip on illustrator Tricia Rennea’s blog as a free download a few weeks ago and bookmarked it to use for something “fall related”.  So it was the first fall themed wrap.  I think they are really cute as a napkin wrap.


Speaking of  Tricia Rennea if you haven’t already check her out, she does such great illustrations and has a storefront for purchasing some of them on shirts, etc.

Fall Leaves
This inspiration from this one came from good ‘ole Microsoft Clip art.  I think it might be making an appearance at our inaugural Smurfy Thanksgiving this year.


Simple Acorn Template
Again this one came from Microsoft Clip art and then I converted it to a watermark to lighten it up again.  I actually like how well it matches our everyday napkins I used to take the photo!


And two more photos just to show you how creative you can be with this little guys.

For example this is what happens if you delete the graphics on the templates and instead use a simple paper punch.  This one is with Martha Stewart’s dove punch.  See how nice it looks that the color of the napkin pops through?

Wouldn’t this be fun with a snowflake punched out for a winter wedding?  Or an ornament for Christmas Dinner?  And for a little more color, what about adding a strip of colored paper behind the punch outs. (please ignore my paper quality… my home office is mid-remodel so I can’t find all the fun papers right now).

Hope this gives you a few more ideas to make this little DIY project work for you.  If you have questions….let me know!

Vera Bradley on Sale – Rue La La

I’m sure many of you are already on the Rue La La band wagon….but if not today might be the day to check it out.  It’s a membership based site, but membership is free (you can use my link below to sign-up).  And sign-up you should because today the Vera Bradley shop opened up!  Where else can you pick up a new baby bag for $39.00!!  OR pick up bags for your bridesmaids for $29.00!  I know I just completed a little bit of Christmas shopping 🙂

Here is a membership invitation if you need one:

(source: Rue La La)

Patterns available include:

  • Pinwheel Pink
  • Night Owl
  • Mod Floral Blue
  • Frankly Scarlet
  • Daisy Daisy

Photography Challenge – Celebration

The challenge for August was to photograph “Celebration”.  Does that word make anyone else want to break into song?  “Celebrate good times, come on.”   I played photographer at my Step-FIL’s birthday bash last weekend, and the photo I really wanted to use for this contains a few folks I don’t know…so I don’t want to post it without first making sure they would be cool with that.  





DIY – Seating Card Napkin Wraps

I promised when I posted about the menu’s that I would post the napkin wraps.  I couldn’t use the original graphics since they aren’t mine to share, but I was able to put together something similar.  Hopefully it will help someone else looking for a quick and economical way to do seating cards.

(source: Climie+Co, blurred names by me)

Tools Needed:

Supplies Needed:

  • 8.5 x 11 paper of choice – I used Luxe White text weight from PaperSource but the thinner variety of watercolor paper also works well
  • Double Sided Table or glue dots
  • Folded (in 1/4 fashion) Napkins to Wrap


  1. Download the Napkin Wrap template and customize with your guest’s names.  You can also change the blue flowers to your own graphic.  I used them again for a house warming party with cute little houses.
  2. Do a test print to ensure you have your printer settings correct on regular paper.  I can’t stress this enough.  Every printer is different so it’s easier to test on regular paper and adjust until you have it aligned, etc.
  3. Print out your napkin wraps onto your paper.
  4. Using the light grey lines that seperate the areas as a guide, carefully cut out your wraps.  I found it easier to cut one page at a time, which did take a bit longer…however I did this part of the process while watching a movie so it didn’t seem as lengthy. 🙂

Now it’s time to wrap your napkins.  Prefold your napkins with a pocket (if desired) in the 1/4 size.  Basically this means folded in half then folded in half again.

  1. Using a napkin as your template place a wrap and center it over where you would like them to line up.  Turn the set over and make small pencil marks on the back of the wrap at the edges of the napkin.
  2. Use this wrap as your template to score the wraps where they will fold over the edge of the napkins.  This is optional but I found it MUCH easier to work with the scored wraps.  I used post-it-notes to mark the lines and create a template of sorts with my ScorPal to quickly score all 100 of my wraps (10 minutes max)
  3. Now get to wrapping….line up the wrap and use a small piece of double sided tape to hold the pieces together in the back.
  4. Insert the Menu and you are finished!
  5. I then used lunch sized paper bags to bag up the napkin sets for each table and handed them over to my DOC to place on the tables.

    (source: personal photos)

If you have any questions leave me a comment or an email!

* flower graphics created with free Photoshop brushes from

Semi-DIY – Hometown Reception Invitations

Like I mentioned in a previous post we used clearance invitations for our hometown reception and I think they turned out lovely.


Tools Needed:

Supplies Needed:

  • Martha Stewart Eyelet Invitation Kit (currently on clearance at WalMart and Big Lots)
  • Thin scrapbook paper or wrapping paper for envelope liners (optional)
  1. Download the templates from the Martha Stewart to your computer.  
  2. Use these templates to put together your text and graphics for your invitiations, response cards, and return addressing on the envelopes.  Since we were using these for a hometown reception I could use elements to tie them to our wedding invitations.  We used the same colors and fonts,  I even included a flower from that set as well.  
  3. Print out your invitation first on the templates provided in the kit, this will allow you make sure your margins, etc are correct.  You can also do this with the response cards and envelopes.
  4. Print out the remainder of your items.  I printed my invitations in groups of 25, but you’ll need to rest to see how many your printer works best with.

Optional Steps:

  1. We then rounded the corners to give it a little extra “something”.  It actually went fairly quickly.  
  2. We also used a fun wrapping paper from Ikea to line the envelopes.  I wish I had a photo of those since they really made the invitation look much different from a “home printed invitiation”.


Price Breakdown:

3 invitation kit sets (found on clearance at walmart) = $27.00
2 rolls of wrapping paper for liners = $5.99  from Ikea
Color Ink for Printer (already had from previous project) = FREE
Stamps for 120 invitiations = $56.40
TOTAL $ 89.39 for 120 invites so $0.75 per invite 🙂

I lucked out and found them at WalMart on clearance thanks to the wonderful Weddingbee boards, but now I read that you could find them even cheaper at your local BigLots.  I think they turned out really cute…especially given we spent $0.74 per invite!

DIY – Wedding Menus

While menus weren’t a must have for our wedding, I think having them gave the table-scape a little “something, something” tied in with the napkins.  Plus since we did a buffet it gave everyone an idea of what to expect when their table was dismissed to be served.  I created our menu template using good ole Microsoft Word with Feel Script font (but used a free substitute on the templates below).  Other than cutting the paper they were one of the easiest DIY projects I completed for the wedding.

Blue Napkins
(photo by Climie+Co, name blurring my me)

Tools Needed:

Supplies Needed:

  • 8.5 x 11 inches Ivory or White Cardstock – 1 sheet makes 3 menus  (I used cover stock from PaperSource in Luxe White but Cold Press watercolor paper would work well also)


  • If you don’t already have it loaded on your computer, download and install the font of your choice.  This project uses Copperplate Gothic (which came with MS Word) and Monterey-BT.
  • Download the Menu Template from above and update to your menu items of choice.    Verify that the paper size is set to a custom size with a width of 3.66 inches and a height of 8.5 inches.
  • Cut your standard sized paper into 3 menu sized pieces*.  Each menu is setup to be 3.66 inches wide, so a 1/3 of a standard sheet of paper’s width if in landscape mode.  Using your paper cutter cut each sheet into 3 equal pieces.  To make this process less tedious I constructed a “guard” of sorts using a post-it note placed in the correct cutting position.  Then I could just line my paper up against it’s edge and make a consistent sized cut each time.  In retrospect it would have been even easier if I’d used a piece of heavier cardstock taped to my cutting deck so I have more of a solid edge to line up against.  With my cutter and this easier method of alignment, I could easily cut through 2 pieces of coverstock at a time.

  • Load the menu paper into your printer and print only 2 or 3 menus to start with to ensure everything is working correctly.
  • Print your menus out in smaller sized groups to verify consistency in the printer feed. I did groups of 20 which worked well with my HP Deskjet D4160.

  • Have a glass to wine to celebrate a quick and painless DIY project.
  • Be sure to take a photo of the finished product and email it to me!  I love detail photos!!

*Because my printer works well with custom sized paper I cut my paper into the correct menu sized pieces before printing.  This meant not having to use a more time consuming program like Adobe Illustrator to create cut marks and spaces between each menu to allow for cutting, etc.  It also meant that once the printing was finished so were the menus.  I would suggest cutting a regular piece of copy paper into the correct size and verify your printer can handle the custom size before precutting all your paper.

**If you have hundreds of menus to create you could easily take your paper to Kinko’s or some similar place to have it precut.  You would need to pay for 2 cuts, so typically less than $4.00.

Wedding Inspiration – Wire Frames / Table Numbers

When we were planning our wedding I had this dream of shabby looking wire photo frames to hold our table numbers.  Something that looked like they had been created by hand years ago….with little scrolls of wire to hold the photos (or table numbers).  Alas….I never found them and went with a different approach (which I promise to blog about soon).  This morning while waiting in the doctor’s office for an annual checkup I was flipping through some catalogs we’d received in the past few days, and THERE THEY WERE!


(source: Anthrpologie)

I bring to you the Wire Sculpture Frame.  They come in two sizes and retail for $12 and $16 each respectively.  The small size would have been perfect although at $12 each it would have cost $120 for our 10 tables.  I think I could have found a use for them afterwards to at least justify them for the “signage”.  Just print out your signs/table numbers in a cute font (like Monterey or CAC Pinafore…both free) and place in these frames.  It would be an easy Semi-DIY project and so cute for a vintage-type affair.   Please, please, please….someone use this and send me photos to drool over! Thanks! 🙂

Decor Inspiration – Reduce – Reuse?

Has anyone else seen the new Pottery Barn catalog for Fall 2009?  I’m loving all the vintage looking inspiration (even through it doesn’t fit the “look” of our house).  Something that really caught my eye was this recycled wine bottle light fixture.  It reminds me of the cute wine bottle vases and candle holders some of those craftybees whipped up.  Wouldn’t this but fun hanging at a vineyard wedding?  or on my back deck…ok it’s a bit pricey so maybe not but it’s seriously fun.


(Photo Source



Cute Stationary, Great Price

So I love, LOVE, finding a good deal…especially when it’s on Paper.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE paper?  Almost as much as I love smurfs 🙂

So yesterday I was killing some time in the local TJ Maxx.   I do this when traffic is so bad that I’m better to just stop and shop than sit still for an hour.  Shopping calms my road rage…it’s horrible for my pocketbook…but it does help me find cute new pocketbooks.  Anyway, I digress….yesterday’s finds were really cute and cheap stationary products.


  • 1 box of Hallmark Thank You notes with lined envelopes.
  • 1 pack of Red Thank You notes with ribbon trim.
  • 1 cute set of pink note cards with birds on Luxe type paper with the cutest little envelopes ever.

Total cost for all 3 sets + tax = $7.42

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