Life: You’ve Got Mail

...and so do I!  A while back I joined in on a fun post card swap hosted by the lovely Jess of Jesstagirl & Her Officer.  I would mail a post card from my area and in turn receive one from another blogger located in another area.  It’s a fun way to now only have fun mail in the mailbox, but also a nice way to “meet” new bloggers you might not otherwise follow.

I was paired with Cailin of A White Picket Fence, who lives in Toronto.  I loved glancing through all of her travels and feel a bit of jealousy that she recently visited Harry Potter-land since I wasn’t able to schedule it in during my last work trip to Orlando.  An interesting fact is during the time of this swap I was getting ready for my first trip into Canada.  With this in mind, Cailin made sure to include random bits of trivia about her homeland.

Thanks Cailin, your post card(s) made my day and I had no idea hockey & lacrosse were your national sports!  A bit of a funny story happened while I was trying to mail a postcard from Georgia for Cailin.  I mentioned that the swap happened while I was planning a ski trip to Whistler, so I picked up a pretty Atlanta post card with big plans to mail it from the post office at the airport as I left for my trip.  The reason is they have (or at least had) a really cute airplane shaped cancellation stamp with the ATL initials.  I neglected to think that with a  early morning flight they might not be open…so Cailin’s post card from Georgia was actually mailed from Canada.  Which just seems to go against this whole idea….So Cailin, I still owe you a post card that is postmarked from Georgia!

  1. I love how many little connections were made during the swap—so fun! Thanks for participating 🙂

  2. How awesome!!

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