DIY: Easter Egg Cupcake Toppers for $1

Today I have a super quick, super inexpensive, yet fun way to add a bit of Easter sparkle to cakes, cupcakes, sandwiches, or any yummy treat!


Supplies Needed:
Easter Egg Food Toppers

  • Easter Egg Stickers – 2 for each topper to be made,  I picked up mine from the local dollar store. You can use other types of stickers just make sure they are symmetrical so they line up correctly when you reverse the one for the back.
  • Toothpicks


  1. Remove one sticker from the sheet and carefully adhere your toothpick to the stick back.  Make sure the toothpick is centered.Easter Egg Food Toppers
  2. Remove a second, same sized sticker and carefully line up the edges with the back of the first sticker.Easter Egg Food Toppers
  3. Press down around the edges to seal everything firmly.  Don’t worry if your edges don’t line up exactly, you can always trim with a pair of scissors if necessary.Easter Egg Food Toppers
  4. Repeat and Enjoy decorating your yummy treats!

Easter Egg Food Toppers

Cost Estimate: $1 & up

Stickers – $1.00 from local dollar store, but you could use stickers you already own just make sure they are symmetrical
Toothpicks – Free – On Hand

I love the little touch of shimmer these egg toppers add to even my breakfast doughnut, and for one measly dollar you can’t beat the price!  How will you dress up your yummy Easter treats?


  1. Efficient and effective. The problem I have is that I would actually want to take a bite of it, for some reason those stickers just look tasty 😀

  2. This is so flippin’ adorable and the kind of easy craft I can get on board with. I’m going to pin this on pinterest so I remember to do it one year 🙂

  3. That is so cute! What a neat idea!

    Found you via One Pretty Thing

  4. I just love this idea! Thank you.

  5. I just saw those same stickers at Dollar Tree yesterday and said, “No. I don’t need more stickers.” Well, apparently I do! Nice and simple, my favorite!

  6. i love these!

  7. Ha! About as easy as breathing – love it!

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