Semi-DIY – Hometown Reception Invitations

Like I mentioned in a previous post we used clearance invitations for our hometown reception and I think they turned out lovely.


Tools Needed:

Supplies Needed:

  • Martha Stewart Eyelet Invitation Kit (currently on clearance at WalMart and Big Lots)
  • Thin scrapbook paper or wrapping paper for envelope liners (optional)
  1. Download the templates from the Martha Stewart to your computer.  
  2. Use these templates to put together your text and graphics for your invitiations, response cards, and return addressing on the envelopes.  Since we were using these for a hometown reception I could use elements to tie them to our wedding invitations.  We used the same colors and fonts,  I even included a flower from that set as well.  
  3. Print out your invitation first on the templates provided in the kit, this will allow you make sure your margins, etc are correct.  You can also do this with the response cards and envelopes.
  4. Print out the remainder of your items.  I printed my invitations in groups of 25, but you’ll need to rest to see how many your printer works best with.

Optional Steps:

  1. We then rounded the corners to give it a little extra “something”.  It actually went fairly quickly.  
  2. We also used a fun wrapping paper from Ikea to line the envelopes.  I wish I had a photo of those since they really made the invitation look much different from a “home printed invitiation”.


Price Breakdown:

3 invitation kit sets (found on clearance at walmart) = $27.00
2 rolls of wrapping paper for liners = $5.99  from Ikea
Color Ink for Printer (already had from previous project) = FREE
Stamps for 120 invitiations = $56.40
TOTAL $ 89.39 for 120 invites so $0.75 per invite 🙂

I lucked out and found them at WalMart on clearance thanks to the wonderful Weddingbee boards, but now I read that you could find them even cheaper at your local BigLots.  I think they turned out really cute…especially given we spent $0.74 per invite!

2 thoughts on “Semi-DIY – Hometown Reception Invitations

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  2. This is a great way to save some real money. Nice invitations are expensive. Everyone has a computer now a days, so with a small bit of effort, why not get this done yourself and keep money in your own pocket…or better yet, provide a service to others at a discounted rate to what print shops charge for design and production

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