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When we started thinking about Save the Dates (STD’s) we weren’t really sure we needed them.  After all our venue was an hour from our house…so really wasn’t the invite and wedsite enough?  However it was also cross country for some of our guests and even across “the pond” from other, that meant that our guests might need more time to plan to join us than we had originally thought.  So what’s a girl to do in that situation…google “DIY save the dates” of course.

We realized that we both gravitated to vintage looking postcards that would give the date and our wedding website.  That decided the next catch was where to find them.  The first place I turned was my crafty friend etsy!

I really liked this one…but I agree it’s not quite “vintage”


I also liked this one….again not exactly vintage looking


And there was this one…not a postcard at all….but we loved the simple style.  Do you notice we are drifting from our original idea.



Then we saw these thank you cards courtesy of Martha…they were really, really close.


Then all of a sudden….there they were.  B & I were on the same wavelength, this was it.  Even the date on the photo was our wedding date…it was meant to be.  The birds sang and all the world was happy.


….until I read the pricing/timelines.  They weren’t out of the budget but by the time we decided we liked them it was already a week past the date they “should” have gone into the mail.  The future-hubby wondered why I didn’t just do them myself since that’s what we had originally talked about.  I knew there was no way I could recreate these beauties, so I decided to cut my losses and just attempt something with the vintage look of the text on the back of the card.

That would be simple right?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration Folder – Save the Dates

  1. I love these! My friend is actually getting married in August on the beach and we’re going to have vintage beach postcards with the name cards at each place setting. Great find!

    • Glad to share, I love them so much I’m tempted to email and ask them to make me several prints of the Mexico one to include with our honeymoon photos!

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